Ministry of Defence

The company, so far, has been complying with the latest hi tech technology to upgrade the nation’s high demand; it has faced various complications to uphold different challenging tenders. 

It may also be noted that the company has targeted to apply new dimensional products in future, for the beneficial of its native country.

Some of the items of the products are mentioned hereby, which Shamsher Corporation will be representing soon for; 

Bangladesh Army 

Bangladesh Navy 

Bangladesh Air Force 

Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) 

Bangladesh Coast Guard 

The company has keen interest to deal with honest and dedicated manufacturers for the development of its reputation in Bangladesh. The company is mostly focusing on mandatory items as mentioned below:- 


  1. MPA, Attacking helicopter 
    2. Training & War ship 
    3. Integration of C4i systems 
    4. Armored Vehicles 
    5. Simulator & Training 
    6. Air Defence Surveillance Radar. 
    7. EOD products. 
    8. Repairing/overhauling engine and spare parts of: 
       i. Bell 206/B Helicopter 
       ii. C-130 
         iii. MI-17Helicopter 
         iv. L-39ZA 
         v. AN-32 
         vi. MIG-29 
    9. Submarine Simulator. 
    10. Power Plant. 
    11. Communications and Signals Equipment 
  2. Vessel, Pontoons and Ro Ro’s 
    13. APC & LAV 
    14. Mine Clearing Vehicle 
    15. UAV 
    16. Arms, Ammunitions & Explosives