Biman Bangladesh Airlines

The word Biman means Plane/Airlines in (Bengali language) and therefore BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES refers to Airlines of Bangladesh. 

This is our governmental airline in support of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. It flies passengers and cargo to 18 international countries globally.

Well now at the present time being Biman has four Boeing 777-300ER, two Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 737-800 and two Airbus A310-300 and DASH-8 in its convoy.

Our principal business is with Biman Bangladesh Airlines and the details are as follows:- 

1. Aircraft parts 
2. Repairing/Overhauling of component Aircraft parts 
3. Ground Support types of equipment 
4. Inflight Items 

Last not least our company is trustworthy and deals with world-class renowned and exclusive manufacturers and suppliers of aircraft.

We hereby cordially invite-interested suppliers who are by heart and soul fascinated to conduct business with Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

For your kind concern please do not hesitate to visit www.biman-airlines.comfor further details of international tender inspection and evaluation.